Antenna tuner circuit diagram

tuner. 3. Connect the antenna(s) to the tuner as follows: A. Coaxial feedlines connect to the coax connectors 1 and 2 coax lines (fed directly or through matching circuit as selected by the ANTENNA SELECTOR switch. B. Random wire or single wire line antennas should be connected to the WIRE connector on the back of the unit. Jan 27, 2016 · Antenna Auto-Tuner Design, Part 10: The Final Schematics This is the final post in my design of an Automatic Antenna Tuner. It's been a long journey, and I've learned quite a bit. Apr 02, 2018 · Antenna Tuners do not physically tune antennas. Antenna Tuners are an impedance match circuit. Antenna Tuners match the impedance of your antenna system to the impedance of your transceiver. Antenna Tuners, the components in them, and your antenna system are all composed of reactive elements. Link-Coupling is one of the oldest technologies used for matching an antenna to the transmitter. There are many different configurations of link-coupling, from very simple, like the one shown on the right, to very elaborate circuits using differential capacitors. The ATR10 Ameritron was a companion to the AL84, and was designed as a companion bandpass 600-watt antenna tuner. The Ameritron ATR10 antenna tuner used a network functionally identical to the Johnson Matchbox series. The ATR-10 was a single-ended tuner with an output balun. The ATR-10 used a tapped inductor instead of a coupling link.