Sim card not working after screen replacement

Thanks for asking, Debi. In general, our service works best with unlocked devices that use the GSM network, such as those used previously with AT&T or T-Mobile. Phones used with Verizon, which uses a different kind of network, may not work. If your device has a SIM card slot, we can try it with one of our SIM cards to see if it may work. hi, I dont know if anyone here can help me or not, but here is my problem. After screen replacement the iphone will not read any sim card correctly, if i insert a sim with the phone already powered on it does not reconise the sim being inserted, but if i insert the sim with it powered off then start it up it will see the sim card, but if i ... Sep 02, 2019 · However, instead of cursing the carrier or iOS 12/iOS 13 we better try some potential solutions that may solve this issue. The iPhone No Service issue also indication in the suburbs area due to the lack of coverage as well as after airplane mode, battery replacement, and after screen replacement.