Keep getting disconnected from call of duty servers

Oct 28, 2018 · I am getting disconnected from the COD servers while in match, every match I've played today. I get disconnected for a split second then I am immediately able to be back on the server to get in a match. I have the Netgear XR700 and I'm playing wired. Already switched out all ethernet cables and rebooted modem, router, and ps4. It might be a your network connection...Ima try to help... 1.go to your match finder settings on black ops 2 Match playlists and set it to best from any or normal. 2.if your in a party,and ure not host the host gets anyone's connection and that will cause members of the party to lag or cause any errors such as disconnecting from the bo2 server. 3.try to set your router and you're system and plug you're start your router again. 4.try to do the safe menu on you're ps3(you can search up safe ... Today I was playing on the giant twice solo and then in the middle of rounds it sends me back to the main menu and says you been disconnected from the call of duty server and it happened in a public match even though I don't know why the other call of duty games have been fine in public matches but whenever I play a public multiplayer match in black ... I keep getting disconnected Discussion So every time i go play online it goes fine for a couple of minutes then it starts to disconnect and eventualy i get kicked from game sayiing that I was disconnected from cod servers but my internet is fine.