Growing arugula problems

Jan 03, 2012 · Expert Tips for Growing Arugula (aka Rocket) Arugula, also known as Rocket, is a vegetable from the Brassica family (this family also includes: Kale, Cauliflower, Brussel Sprouts, Broccoli, and more). You do not have to be a professional gardener to grow Arugula. It is very hardy, very cheap, and grows very quickly. One of the great things about growing arugula is that when you harvest, if you cut it 1-2 inches above the dirt line, there’s a really good chance it will give you another harvest. Like most greens, it's difficult to grow arugula during the heat of summer. To maintain a continuous supply of young, tender leaves, sow a pinch of seeds somewhere in the garden every two or three weeks throughout the growing season. In late summer, sowing arugula under shade cloth will let you Choose from Radish, Arugula, Sunflower, Red Streaks Mizuna Mustard, Pea Shoots and Salad Mix. Makes a great gift idea and stocking stuffer. This single serve microgreens kit includes everything you need to grow microgreens on your own kitchen counter top, cleanly, quickly and easily. These kits are a fun way to start growing microgreens. The fast-growing cool season green called arugula or rocquette is a favorite among gourmet chefs and home gardeners. It’s a popular addition to mesclun mixes; its musky, peppery taste adds interest to salads and soups. Arugula is rich in vitamin C and potassium. Arugula Varieties There’s wild arugula and garden arugula. Plant arugula seeds as soon as danger of frost is over, and begin to sow once a week or every two weeks to keep a constant supply. Arugula doesn't love hot weather and gets quite bitter if grown when it's steamy outside. Keep the soil evenly moist until seedlings emerge, which will take from 7 to 14 days.