Best chalice dungeons for gems

Best movement speed combination/items for fast low level dungeon clearing? What's the best items/food/etc to use for run speed increase when you want to farm transmog items and reputation in low level dungeons? How do Root Chalice Dungeons work? Ask Question ... E.g. if a Dungeon had a specific Gem or Item in it, can I use this key to re-create the dungeon? bloodborne. Gameloft's Dungeon Hunter 5 now lets you play with your allies in live co-op mode Most notably, the latest update to Dungeon Hunter 5 introduces a much-requested multiplayer mode in the form of a ... Dungeon Hunter 5 is an immersive hack and slash roleplaying game. It takes place in a shattered empire, Valenthia, where you must seek vengeance for those who have gone before you. Your task is to fight your way across the five shattered realms, building your skills and expertise until you are the best bounty hunter throughout the realms.