Audio spectrogram editor

Audio Spectrogram is one core feature of MapMySound sound recorder and mixer app that helps the user to analyse audio files by showing their spectrogram. Some of us not just love to listen to music but also enjoy customizing it and MapMySound voice recording application provides the functionality to remix or edit sounds at no cost. Jun 15, 2019 · Audacity Audio Editor is the free audio editing and recording software that can use to edit the audio or music tracks in your own way. It released the latest version that is Audacity Audio Editor 2.2.2 for free of cost so, all of you can download it on your devices. Ghost-X is a powerful spectrogram visualization and editing software. It is available as a plugin and standalone application. Ghost-X provides a full set of features for visualizing and editing spectrograms: Powerful and intuitive zoom, with adaptive level of detail; Possibility to select any region of the spectrogram, and to play this region only Sonic Visualiser itself is the most general, a program for highly configurable detailed visualisation, analysis, and annotation of audio recordings. Sonic Lineup is for rapid visualisation of multiple audio files containing versions of the same source material, such as performances from the same score, or different takes of an instrumental part.