Renewable energy history timeline

The Solar Energy Research Institute was redesignated as the U.S. Department of Energy's National Renewable Energy Laboratory by President George Bush. Jan 1, 1993 SERF created May 17, 2018 · Timeline of Grenlec's Renewable and Alternative Energy Initiatives in Grenada For over two decades, Grenlec has advanced renewable energy in Grenada. Grenlec’s Customer Renewable Energy Interconnection Programme and multi-site projects represent an innovative approach to increasing solar energy generation while overcoming the challenge of ... Jan 28, 2012 · Here’s a one-pager we did, depicting a brief history of each of five main types of clean energy. We’re hoping that this puts a few central concepts into perspective for folks. Tags: history , comparison , timeline , renewable energy You can explore a detailed history of the Energiewende by scrolling through our interactive, 28-frame timeline, above, spanning 1971 to 2016. The word was popularised in a 1980 book, titled “Energiewende: Wachstum und Wohlstand ohne Erdöl und Uran” (Energy Transition: Growth and Prosperity Without Oil and Uranium). The long-term vision for hydrogen energy is that sometime well into the 21st century, hydrogen will join electricity as one of North America’s primary energy carriers, and hydrogen will ultimately be produced from renewable sources. 2003 – FutureGen, the world’s first zero emission coal power plant is announced. [Golden, Colorado], the first federal facility dedicated to harnessing power from the sun.In 1991 it was designated as a national laboratory by the US Department of Energy and renamed the National Renewable Energy Laboratory. Jun 3, 1977 Federal Surface Mining Control