Scenario based flight training syllabus

¨ Pinch Hitter™ Flight Briefing o Brief the scenario o Pilot simulates ATC o Priorities during scenario oReview the In-Flight Guide (page 12) o Print the Emergency Checklist to carry on board (page 14) Part 2: Scenario-Based Training Safety Syllabus Ground Lesson, continued An aviation center that offers accelerated and self-paced scenario-based flight training. Private Pilot Our Private Pilot certification program will take you from zero hours of flight experience through earning your first pilot certificate. This program is designed to enable a private pilot to obtain a Commercial Certificate with Instrument and Multi-Engine Ratings. Additionally, the student receives flight instructor training to achieve the Certified Flight Instructor (CFI) and Certified Flight Instructor Instrument Rating (CFII). commercial pilot training curriculum when adjusted for the part 61 requirements. STEPS FOR BECOMING A COMMERCIAL PILOT Earning a commercial pilot certificate is a major milestone in a pilot’s career since it is the gateway to flying for hire. Your Cessna Pilot Center will explain in detail the course enrollment requirements shown below: Flight Safety Programs. Safe and Fun soaring operations are based on clubs and commercial operators implementing a strong ground and flight training program. Students and Flight Instructors need a structured training syllabus to make progress and ensure that all the stick & rudder skills are learned. The 14-page syllabus booklet guides non-pilot flying companions, flight instructors and experienced pilots through Pinch Hitter™ training. It also expands on the knowledge that participants gained from the course, and suggests ground and flight lessons to cover aircraft orientation and scenario-based training.