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I haven't done a Predaking x Reader yet so I hope you like this. Enjoy ^-^ 3rd person (Y/N) was laying around Megatron's throne in her dragon mode (coz you dont know you can transformer yet) while Megatron sat in his seat, (Y/N) rested her helm at the feet of Megatron with her optics closed. TFP Megatron x Reader. You were certainly...worried about him. More frequently in the passing days the warlord would be found stowed away in his room of dark energon, ranting and raving like a lunatic. Yet, he was calmer and slightly more rational once he'd spent some time away from it. What will Megatron do when he Yandere optimus prime x human reader - Wattpad Transformers x reader (oneshots) Fanfiction. Requests open The title says it all From all kinds of Transformers from Tfa to bayverse (Maybe lemons not sure yet but mostly fluff) Don't do character x character No x depressed reader The reader will never die And no x ... Jul 20, 2017 · You whispered quietly to Knockout. "You heard the human, Knockout. Give it to Prime." Megatron ordered, making the Decepticon medic angrily walk over to Prime and shove you into his servo, careful not to hurt you. "You're a piece of scrap metal for treating her like you did." Knockout growled, and walked back over to Megatron's side. "Megatron.