B18c1 horsepower

hey there am selling my 1995 acura gs-r to pay of some tickets and credit cards need to sell fasttt asap have court on march 15th.....its a white 2dr gs-r with 115,000 miles,has a very clean body a couple of minor scratches, personaliszed plates "1fn gsr" reg from jun/09,b18c1 engine dohc vtec,original strut bar in top gs-r black,short ram,megan racing coilovers (red),megan racing seats(red ... CNC Heads, Valve Jobs, Head Porting & Milling. Back Cut Valves. KMSU-HPVJ-BCV. ... or if there is not enough material for multi-angle grinds on high-horsepower motors. engine type: model/year: tech specs: hp/redline: torque: d15b6: 88-91 ch/crx: 1493cc: 88-89: [email protected] : 4cyl, 8 valve: 62 [email protected] : sohc: [email protected] : redline:6800 Hi people, i'm looking for the complete torque settings for a B18c engine build. Any other info feel free to throw in :P Thanks But any lengths you go to in order to get this engine will be paid off 3 fold in the end. The LS block is extremely torquey, in fact, produces the most torque out of all the B-series engines. Combine that with the peppy, high horsepower VTEC head and you have a strong motor that pulls hard from 2000 to redline.